Let's get started!0 Once we are logged into your FirstVisit account, We begin by clicking on the settings tab near the bottom of the tool bar on the left side of the screen

The settings page is broken down into 6 sections


2.Service Types




6.Skills and Qualifications


1. Time Format- Administrators can decide the time format desired by their organization (12 hour clock vs 24 hour clock).

2. COVID Health Screener- built as a self assessment tool for Caregivers to fill out before every shift. Toggling the yellow button above to the right turns on this feature. 

Questions asked to caregivers with this setting 

  • Have you had close contact with a confirmed or probable case of someone with novel coronavirus (COVID-19)?
  • Do you or anyone in your household have new/ worse cough or shortness of breath?

  • Are you feeling feverish, or have you had shakes or chills in the last 24 hours (> 38 degrees Celsius or 100.4 Fahrenheit)?

  • Have you traveled to another country in the last 14 days?

3. Proximity Settings

The FirstVisit Caregiver App tracks the distance clocked-in to a visit compared to the client’s address. 

Our proximity feature allows agencies to decide the maximum distance that they want their caregivers to clock-in.

Regardless of where the caregiver is, we will always allow them to clock-in to their shift, although we do let them know whether they have clocked in from within 0.2 miles or outside of 0. 2 miles.

Lastly, we also allow agencies to decide wether they would like notification on whether a caregiver has clocked in outside of the preferred proximity or not.

*Please always ensure that you have clicked “ Update” once you have set your settings

4. File Types

FirstVisit gives agencies the ability to go paperless if they would like by providing the ability to upload documents into client and employee profiles. 

When an administrator looks to upload a document from their computer into FirstVisit, they will have to choose ”File Type”.

Custom File Types can be created by administrator by entering in the name of the file type and then clicking save. 

Ensure the box is checked to ensure its an ” active” File Type


Within your organization, you will want to introduce services “ service types” which might not be available by default in within our platform.  

Therefore we allow administrators to create, edit and delete service types.

While creating a service type it is important that you add in a Bill Flag, Bill Unit and Pay unit.

 As well as establishing whether overtime would ever be considered for this service type

Bill Rates

In this section we will be adding in Bill rates that are commonly used within your agency to bill our clients.  

When creating a bill rate we establish which service type it belongs to. Multiple bill rates can be associated with one service type. 

For example you may have   the service type named “ Personal Care” and have 2 bill rates named Personal Care 1 and 2 that may have different extremities, causing you to bill differently. 

Pay Rates

In this section we will be adding in pay rates that are commonly used within your agency to pay your employees. 

 When creating a pay  rate we establish which service type it belongs to. Multiple bill rates can be associated with one service type. Similarly for example,  you may have  the service type named “ Personal Care” and have 2 pay rates named Personal Care 1 and 2 that may have different extremities, causing you to pay differently. 


The Notifications tab allows you to decide which notifications you would like administrators to receive vs. caregivers.

In addition to this we provide the ability to decide wether you would also like to have an email associated with that notification or if you would only like to see it when logged into FirstVisit.

*When Caregivers have the the FirstVisit Caregiver App downloaded, they receive notifications regardless of whether they are logged into their account or not.

Skills and Qualifications

In this section we provide the ability to create your set list of employee Skills and Qualifications that you would like to track. 

This process is as easy as clicking “ Add New” and you type in the name of the skill, qualification, or certificate you would like to include in your default list.

*Later on when you are creating employee profiles, this list will show under “ skills and qualifications” and you will be able to check off the ones that apply to that specific employee and set  completion dates and expiry dates if needed.

Quickbooks Integration

FirstVisit integrates with QuickBooks, which allows administrators to automatically raise invoices and sync key information across systems.


FirstVisit provides functionality for agencies to set all of their overtime rules for hours worked by their employees. In this section an agency must determine how many hours a day one may work before the overtime rule comes into place. 

In addition to this, an agency can set how many hours a day before double overtime comes into effect. Lastly, an agency must establish how many non overtime hours there are in a work week for their agency as this may vary by state. 


If your agency reimburses caregivers for mileage, FirstVisit provides functionality to set what your bill rate and pay rate is per mile for your caregivers. If you do not bill your clients but still reimburse your caregivers if they are to transport a client, bill rate can be set to zero.