Once a clients initial details are inputed, the screen then expands allowing users to fine tune key details. 

We are to follow the following steps

1.Enter client’s emergency contacts 

2.Add relevant administrator notes about this client

3.List of client goals while they receive care, if any exist ( This will automatically display on care plan)

4.Add any interests the client may have as this will also be shown on the care plan ( Caregiver will be able to view these, which may help with synergy).

5. Care Plan

6. ADLS ( Daily Activities)

7. File Upload

5. We are  to start configuring client care documentation starting with the Care Plan.

The Care Plan is used here as an overview of the client’s care.

In this section we are to fill out all fields within the Care Plan that are relevant to your agency.

*A few items such as Client name address, Emergency contact, goals and interest will transfer over from details page. However, this can still be edited on the care plan.

 6.The Daily activities tab allows agencies to specify which tasks they would like to assign to caregivers for a client, on specific days. 

Administrator’s are to assign tasks to caregiver by clicking on the day they would like this task to be completed by caregivers with this client, causing a check mark to appear.

In the event there are additional tasks that are often completed at your agency that we did not have in our default list…administrators then have the ability the to create custom ADL tasks by clicking ( + ) beside “Task”.

7. In this section we will be leveraging our file upload functionality.

 In order to upload a document into a client profile, user must click on the “Actions” button on the top right of the screen.

User will then proceed to click “ Add Document” and follow the steps provided. During this workflow the user will be asked to select a file type.

*In order to view your list of documents uploaded, user must click on the. Attachments tab at the bottom of the side navigation within the Care Documentation section.