Once an employees initial details are inputed, the screen then expands allowing the user to fine tune key details.

 Key details include the following steps

1.Enter employee’s emergency contacts 

2.Add relevant administrator notes about this employee

3.Add any interests the employee may have as this can be considered when choosing which client to assign them to. (may not apply)

4.File Uploading

5.Skills and Qualifications documentation

In this section we will be leveraging our file upload functionality.

 In order to upload a document into an employee profile, user must click on the actions button on the top right corner the screen.

User will then proceed to click “ Add Document” and follow the steps provided. During this workflow the user will be asked to select a file type.

*In order to view your list of documents uploaded, user must click on the. Documents tab.

The Last step in setting up an employee is deciding which skills and qualifications from our general list apply to an  individual employee.

On this page we are able to record that an employee holds a specific skill or qualification by toggling the yellow button to the right. Once this is complete, we can keep record of a completion date as well as the expiry date of that skill if applicable.

*Setting an expiry date creates a reminder notification.