The Timesheet page is accessed from clicking on the reports tab, then clicking accounting  tab.

Timesheet visit approvals are often something that can be forgot about in a busy agency. For this reason, we continuously update you on the highlights page as to how many timesheet entries you have that have not been either approved or rejected.

*By clicking “ View Highlight”, an administrator will be brought back to the Timesheet page

FirstVisit generates automated timesheets for every single shift that you create. 

The purpose of the timesheet page is for administrators to review shifts that have clocked in on time, late or completely missed. Once they are reviewed the administrator will then be able to make the decision to either approve visits, reject visits or adjust start and end times and then approving visits. 

This process allows you to ensure your clients are being billed appropriately and your and employees are compensated correctly. This action moves the approved  data from the timesheet into the billing invoices and payroll section.

We have implemented icons that are meant to nudge an administrator  to pay closer   attention to a specific visit. These Icons are present on the left side of the line dedicated to that specific visit. 

Note- The legend at the top of the page describes the meaning of each icon  

Each line represents a single visit and associated details

The list of visits can be filtered using the filters at the top.

•Search Name

•Date Filter

•Approved Vs Rejected

•Table Columns

Important Filters to consider 

Visit Status Filter- If you have already approved or rejected a visit, its not too late. You can use this filter to produce the list of either approved or rejected visits and still make additional changes.

Table Columns- If needed additional columns can be added to the timesheet page, however clicking on details will show all shift information.

Viewing Visit Details

Reviewing visit details can be done by clicking on the right side of the visit line to open up the side nav which will allow us to see all important visit details.

On this page we are able to review whether an employee clocked in an out compared to when the visit was scheduled, and we also have the option to adjust start an end times if needed by clicking on edit.

On this page we are also  able to see whether overtime has been worked, mileage has been submitted as well as the ability to review note from the visits and ADLS

Approving a batch of visits at once

After all adjustments have been made. Visits are able to be approved or rejected in batches by clicking on the specific visits you would like to approve or reject and click on the either of the buttons at the top right of the screen.