Once an Administrator has already made all adjustments needed on the timesheet and approved visits, you can then move on to the payroll process.

To start with Payroll, you should:

1. Click on the reports tab on the side navigation

2. Click Payroll

Once you are ready to start processing payroll, you can follow these steps:

1. Click "Create"  to create a payroll batch. Then you will need to title this batch and establish which pay period you would like to process.

2. All Items that have been approved on the timesheet within the time period you selected will appear on the batch list.

3.Here we will have the option to click on each line item to see more details about each total. If everything looks good, you can select the lines you would like to process and click finalize. You can click on draft which will save the items in this batch list, but not finalize them. Once you click on finalize, the batch is considered complete and you can no longer make changes to this batch.

4. Once you have completed processing payroll, you will have the option to download this information as an excel document  by clicking the download button on the top right corner.